Recently, I have done several computer projects, ranging from HTML/PHP websites to robotics.  On this webpage, however, I have a unique opportunity to showcase a few of those openly.  All of the code of the projects below are currently available on GitHub, or they will be in the near future.  Check the separate posts about each one for more information on how to clone or fork my code.

AirPi – Simplified

AirPi is a project originally compiled by Jordan Burgess.  The concept is amazing: the idea that a $35 Raspberry Pi can become a ~$200 Airport Extreme is nothing short of amazing.  The project, unfortunately had one major flaw: it lacked an easy installation experience.  That’s what I’ve done.  An hour of typing commands into a terminal has been shrunk down to just five commands – perfectly suitable for a beginner.  You can now install AirPi – With AutoBoot enabled – with the following five commands:

sudo apt-get install git-core
git clone
cd AirPi-Installation
sudo cp ..
sudo bash

Be patient, but when it’s finished, you will have a completely functional Airplay Speaker.  You can operate it just as you would any other Airplay Speaker.


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