My Thoughts on Apple’s October 22nd Event “We still have a lot to cover.”

Apple October 22 Invite

Apple, yesterday, released invites to selected members of the press.  For your viewing pleasure, I’ve inserted the invite graphics above.

The event will likely showcase a new iPad and possibly a new iPad Mini.  A new Macbook Pro Retina will also likely be announced.   According to sources, OS X Mavericks will probably also get some stage time.

What is unlikely, you ask?  iTV is probably out of the question for this event, and probably for this year as a whole.  On a matter of fact, I don’t know when we will ever see iTV.  Another thing unlikely for this event is iWatch.  the possibility of the seeing Apple’s revolutionary smart-watch on stage any time soon is also very unlikely.

Retina iPad mini?  Possible, though not set in stone.  We’ve all – in the tech world – been hearing conflicting reports on the subject, but I think that it is safe to assume that it will probably make it’s debut.

Mavericks Release Date?  I’m glad you asked… I personally believe that it will be available on the Mac App Store after the event is over.  Yes, that means that I think it will be released on October 22 at roughly 12:00.  Why?  It hit GM status over a week ago, it is virtually bug-free (Extensively tested first-hand), and would be a great selling point for the event.  There is some questioning on the price.  My gut says it will still be priced at $19.99, wile the hopeful part of me says it will be free.

Anyway, the only way to know if all this plays out the way I say it will is to wait until Tuesday.  Who’s excited?


NOOBS v1.3

Saturday, The Raspberry Pi Foundation released their new edition of NOOBS (New Out Of Box System) from beta to the world.  It’s exciting!  Now, you can install multiple OSes on a single SD without sharing anything.  I have beta tested this on one of my SD cards, and have found it to be a very handy feature.

There’s more.  There’s now two editions of NOOBS, a network installer and a complete installer.  The network installer is a 20 mb download, anad your Pi – upon installation – downloads the disk images.  Keep in mind that your Pi will have to have ethernet connection to install disk images.  The full installer is exactly what we’re used to: a complete download, and your Pi wi not need internet.

NOOBS v1.3 can be downloaded (or legally tormented – this is the most recommended rout) from the Raspberry Pi Downloads Page.

The Easiest Way to Install LAMP on Raspberry Pi

Debian OpenLogo

Debian OpenLogo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Raspberry Pi is, perhaps, best used for a headless web-server, but it’s very hard to set up.  Not any more.

With this bash script on GitHub, it only takes three commands to have a fully functional LAMP web server.  This includes Apache, PHP 5, and MySQL.  Look past the break for full instructions, and more info…..

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SSH From iOS

In some projects, I really need quick access to a shell. I have an iPad, and wanted a terminal emulator on it. Bam. vSSH Lite is a universal iOS app available on Apple’s App Store right now for free. It is ad supported, but supports several awesome features, such as bookmarking, password saving, and copy / paste. If you wish to opt for the paid version, you are granted the absence of ads, and a lot of other goodies.

It’s the best SSH app for iOS, bar none.

Check out my screenshot below.


Work Continues…

In case you just started following me, I have initiated an open-source GitHub project to simplify the installation process of “AirPi”, a Raspberry Pi Airplay Speaker. The Technology is great, but currently the road to success is long and hard – not any more. The installation process will look something like this:

git clone (URL of Repo)
cd (name of repo)
sudo bash ./

The shell scripts and files are completed, and testing is coming along smoothly. It looks like I can set an approximate ETA of Next Friday, 19 April 2013. As you know, I am not entirely sure of this date, but I feel somewhat confident in the fact that it will be released that day.

You can follow me on GitHub at LikeABoss-001
You can follow me on Twitter @Justin_Harbour1

A Look Into the Future… Raspberry Pi Airplay – Simplified

GitHub is a great place, as outlined in my last post, and today I’m going to announce my next open-source project using it.

The Raspberry Pi has been distributed to hundreds of thousands of people, several of which are newcomers to Linux, and seeing something get done using it thrusts people forward.  It pushes them to continue down their new-found path of creativity.  That’s why I’m going to announce a simplified way to install Jordan Burgess’ AirPlay speaker software to Raspberry Pi.  Essentially, I will simplify a hour-long install process down to just a three command install procedure using a shell script.  The installation instructions will look something like this: Continue reading