SSH From iOS

In some projects, I really need quick access to a shell. I have an iPad, and wanted a terminal emulator on it. Bam. vSSH Lite is a universal iOS app available on Apple’s App Store right now for free. It is ad supported, but supports several awesome features, such as bookmarking, password saving, and copy / paste. If you wish to opt for the paid version, you are granted the absence of ads, and a lot of other goodies.

It’s the best SSH app for iOS, bar none.

Check out my screenshot below.



Raspberry Pi AirPrint Server [How-To]

Back in 2012, the Tao of Mac posted a short tutorial on how to make your Raspberry Pi into a gateway for your iOS device, Mac, Windows PC, Linux PC, etc. The possibilities are limitless. You can even do this on any Debian-Linux computer. This has changed a little bit however, when I noticed two entries for each printer I set up. This is why I changed the instructions a little. You can find this very thing on GitHub, but all of the commands you have to issue are right below:

sudo apt-get install cups avahi-daemon python-cups cups-pdf
sudo usermod -a -G lpadmin pi
sudo cupsctl --remote-admin

Simple, right?  After you’re done, just go to http://(your-ip):631 and set up your printers.  Make sure you check “Share this Printer”.

Windows won’t recognize it automatically.  To add it in Windows 7 (and probably Windows 8, but I cannot confirm this), foll0w the isntructions below.

  1. Open Devices & Printers
  2. Click Add A Printer
  3. Click Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth Printer
  4. Click Select a shared printer by name
  5. Type http://(your-ip):631/printer/(printer-name)
  6. Press Enter.

That should do it!  Hope you enjoy your DIY AirPrint