Airplay Mirroring on Raspberry Pi is finally here!

I’ve been wanting to get Airplay Mirroring working on my Raspberry Pi for a long time.  First, there was RaspBMC.  This solution was limited to general airplay of photos, videos, and music.  No Mirroring.  Continue reading


Portable Apps

My computer only has a few megabytes of storage available, and on my quest for a way to install Notepad++, I came across  Their platform – though little known – is a top-notch way to install apps on removable media.

If you work at a place that does not allow you to modify their machines, this is probably the app for you.  It – and all of the software you can download to it – is free.

If you wish to try it out for yourself, just click here, or go to .

The Easiest Way to Install LAMP on Raspberry Pi

Debian OpenLogo

Debian OpenLogo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Raspberry Pi is, perhaps, best used for a headless web-server, but it’s very hard to set up.  Not any more.

With this bash script on GitHub, it only takes three commands to have a fully functional LAMP web server.  This includes Apache, PHP 5, and MySQL.  Look past the break for full instructions, and more info…..

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SSH From Windows

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

As we continue our series on SSH, we are faced with SSH for Windows. The Windows OS is very different in the way it handles requests in the command line, because it is one of the only operating systems that are not based on UNIX. It is because of this that there are no “packages”, and SSH is not installed. To be able to SSH into another machine, you will need to download some software, but it is very easy. Let’s get started.

  1. Download PuTTY from the project’s website.
  2. Open PuTTY and you should see an interface like this:

  3. Type your machine credentials in the following format: (username)@(hostname)

  4. Press open, and type your password when prompted.

Code to remember:



PuTTY is very strange in its use of copy and paste. To copy, select the text you wish to copy and right-click. To paste, position the cursor where you wish for the text to be located, and right-click.

SSH From Mac OS X

Little known fact: OS X and iOS is UNIX based.

UNIX is a platform developed at the very start of computers. It incorporates a very simple file system with a root directory and several sub-directories. The command line is also roughly the same among devices using it. It is because of this that SSH is simple from the “Terminal”. By simply typing ssh (username)@(hostname) you immediately have a complete remote shell terminal.

Code to Remember:
ssh (username)@(hostname)

SSH From iOS

In some projects, I really need quick access to a shell. I have an iPad, and wanted a terminal emulator on it. Bam. vSSH Lite is a universal iOS app available on Apple’s App Store right now for free. It is ad supported, but supports several awesome features, such as bookmarking, password saving, and copy / paste. If you wish to opt for the paid version, you are granted the absence of ads, and a lot of other goodies.

It’s the best SSH app for iOS, bar none.

Check out my screenshot below.