Review: Reflector. AirPlay Mirroring to your Mac or PC.


This is a review I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  A company called Squirrels has created a Mac and Windows app that emulates an Apple TV, and allows you to AirPlay Mirror your iOS device to the display on your Mac or PC.  It even allows you to add a device frame of the device you happen to be using.  They have a frame for every device that supports AirPlay Mirroring:  iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Air, and the remarkable thing about it is that they have them in all colors of the device.


My Opinion

Reflector is a very complete app.  It has every feature you could ever want.  Frames for literally every AirPlay-capible device is what really impresses me.  I Woud Give this App 5 of 5 Stars.



Due to the nature of this app, you won’t find this in the Mac App Store, so instead, go to, where you can find Reflector for $12.99.

It’s available for Mac and PC.



This app is worth every penny.  It is being actively developed by the developers at Squirrels, and they push out regular updates.

If you want a solution to AirPlay Mirror your iOS device to your computer, this is probably the best option I have ever run across.


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