My Thoughts on Apple’s October 22nd Event “We still have a lot to cover.”

Apple October 22 Invite

Apple, yesterday, released invites to selected members of the press.  For your viewing pleasure, I’ve inserted the invite graphics above.

The event will likely showcase a new iPad and possibly a new iPad Mini.  A new Macbook Pro Retina will also likely be announced.   According to sources, OS X Mavericks will probably also get some stage time.

What is unlikely, you ask?  iTV is probably out of the question for this event, and probably for this year as a whole.  On a matter of fact, I don’t know when we will ever see iTV.  Another thing unlikely for this event is iWatch.  the possibility of the seeing Apple’s revolutionary smart-watch on stage any time soon is also very unlikely.

Retina iPad mini?  Possible, though not set in stone.  We’ve all – in the tech world – been hearing conflicting reports on the subject, but I think that it is safe to assume that it will probably make it’s debut.

Mavericks Release Date?  I’m glad you asked… I personally believe that it will be available on the Mac App Store after the event is over.  Yes, that means that I think it will be released on October 22 at roughly 12:00.  Why?  It hit GM status over a week ago, it is virtually bug-free (Extensively tested first-hand), and would be a great selling point for the event.  There is some questioning on the price.  My gut says it will still be priced at $19.99, wile the hopeful part of me says it will be free.

Anyway, the only way to know if all this plays out the way I say it will is to wait until Tuesday.  Who’s excited?


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