NOOBS v1.3

Saturday, The Raspberry Pi Foundation released their new edition of NOOBS (New Out Of Box System) from beta to the world.  It’s exciting!  Now, you can install multiple OSes on a single SD without sharing anything.  I have beta tested this on one of my SD cards, and have found it to be a very handy feature.

There’s more.  There’s now two editions of NOOBS, a network installer and a complete installer.  The network installer is a 20 mb download, anad your Pi – upon installation – downloads the disk images.  Keep in mind that your Pi will have to have ethernet connection to install disk images.  The full installer is exactly what we’re used to: a complete download, and your Pi wi not need internet.

NOOBS v1.3 can be downloaded (or legally tormented – this is the most recommended rout) from the Raspberry Pi Downloads Page.


Xcode 5.0 Available for Public Download




Xcode (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I don’t care for the design of iOS 7 on the iPad, but Xcode 5.0 is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.  (Mavericks is another one.)  I’m currently downloading it myself, so I am not sure if anything has changed from the GM, but I will be updating this post with anything and everything I can find.  If you’re as excited as I am, and you want to download it, keep in mind that Apple’s servers are really bogged down right now.  It is a 1.9 GigaByte file, so you are going to want to go get some lunch (if you haven’t already) and let this thing download and install.


Hope you have fun with it!

Weekend Coders Podcast

My friend and I have been very interested in starting a podcast… So much that It has been a life goal for me for quite some time.

Weekend Coders is born!

Our new weekly half hour podcast will allow you to listen to two people’s conversations about all things code, new hardware products, product reviews, and so much more… We’re even going to be featuring guests from all walks of the electronics industry!

Listen to our first podcast coming very soon at, or tune in on iTunes.