Airplay Mirroring on Raspberry Pi is finally here!

I’ve been wanting to get Airplay Mirroring working on my Raspberry Pi for a long time.  First, there was RaspBMC.  This solution was limited to general airplay of photos, videos, and music.  No Mirroring. 

There was also AirPi.  I have integrated it on the same pi that makes my standard LaserJet into a full-fledged AirPrint Printer.  It allows you to use any standard set of speakers into a set of super powerful AirPlay Speakers.  Obviously, still no mirroring.

Now, there is a new solution.  rPlay – currently in beta – allows you to mirror everything that is on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s screen to whatever the Pi is plugged-in to.

Although it is a beta, I have installed it yesterday, and found very few bugs in the set-up procedure.   I also found no errors in mirroring when connected to Ethernet.

Although I haven’t tried this feature yet, the team claims that you can password protect the ability to mirror.

I have several ideas of how I can implement this.  I have always wanted to put a Apple TV in my office for mirroring Keynote presentations from my iPad, but I never could justify 100$ just for that.  This software now gives me the ability to do just that.


You can currently request a beta activation code by emailing

You can also visit them online at


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