Raspberry Pi Camera Boards are Here!

Let’s rejoice! The Raspberry Pi Camera Boards are now available for the general public to purchase!  An unusual post by Eben Upton on the Raspberry Pi Blog contains all of the necessary details you need about the $25 accessory…

The camera boards are now available for order! You can buy one from RS Components or from Premier Farnell/Element14. We’ve been very grateful for your patience as we’ve tweaked and refined things; it’d have been good to get the camera board out to you last month, but we wanted your experience to be as good as possible, and we’ve been working on the software right up until last night.

You might be asking how you’re going to get the board to work with your Pi.  The following video – also from that same post – describes that.

Alongside of the module, they released a new “raspi-config” utility to handle the software portion of the board.  You can update by running:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

One thought on “Raspberry Pi Camera Boards are Here!

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