Why I Use GitHub / About Me

If I ask myself why I use GitHub, several things come to mind: convenience, Open Source Technology, and fun.  It just seems to make sense to make it easy for me to publish my code for the entire world.  It helps me complete my mission, as stated below:

To make complicated technology simple.

My latest repo completes that same premise: making it dead-simple to install Drupal 7 on the Raspberry Pi or any other Linux server or PC running Debian.  If you want to do this yourself. just copy the commands below into a terminal window, or view the repo on GitHub (with full instructions).
git clone http://github.com/LikeABoss-001/Raspberry-Pi-Drupal-7.git
cd ~/Raspberry-Pi-Drupal-7
sudo bash install.sh

See what I mean?  You can follow dozens of commands to get Drupal 7 up and running, or you can follow my three-command repo, and eventually arrive at the same outcome.

What do you think?  Does making a easier, more streamlined experience in Linux mean anything to you?  Let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Why I Use GitHub / About Me

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the script, I just installed Drupal 7 on my RPI and I wanted to share some errors I found to help improve it. I created simple list of the two main problems I encountered along the way, please have a look:
    1) Before installing Drupal, a root password needs to be set.
    2) The server works, however the page “http://(your-local-ip)/drupal7” throws an error.

    Did you find anything similar?

    • I didn’t find that error originally, but recently there seems to be an issue with Drupal – and WordPress – in the Debian Repositories. I am going to look into it. Thank you so much for your feedback, and for giving me a chance to make your life a little easier.

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