A Look Into the Future… Raspberry Pi Airplay – Simplified

GitHub is a great place, as outlined in my last post, and today I’m going to announce my next open-source project using it.

The Raspberry Pi has been distributed to hundreds of thousands of people, several of which are newcomers to Linux, and seeing something get done using it thrusts people forward.  It pushes them to continue down their new-found path of creativity.  That’s why I’m going to announce a simplified way to install Jordan Burgess’ AirPlay speaker software to Raspberry Pi.  Essentially, I will simplify a hour-long install process down to just a three command install procedure using a shell script.  The installation instructions will look something like this:
git (Repo-URL)
cd (Repo-Name)
sudo install.sh

It really will be that simple.  I will most likely create two shell scripts: one if the user only wants to activate his/her speaker temporarily in the terminal window, and another if the user wants it to be auto-run a boot.

This repo will be available in my GitHub account in just a few days; once I can get the bugs ironed-out.  I’ll let you know with a post on this blog when it’s up and ready.


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